I’m a tattoo artist and I’m passionately involved in fine line and micro realism styles. I create all my designs from scratch, drawing inspiration from people’s stories to create unique and meaningful tattoos. My goal is to craft a personal accessory that holds significance in people’s lives.

With a keen focus on anatomy, I meticulously work on each design, paying attention to every detail. Understanding my clients’ desires is a top priority for me. Expressing their unique stories in an artistic manner and providing them with exceptional experiences brings me immense joy.

My aim is to continuously evolve my style, reach a broader audience, and create tattoos that leave a lasting impact. Building a close connection with each client and making their tattoo experience unforgettable is truly valuable to me.

You may consider me a professional tattoo artist, but for me, it’s more than a title—it’s a passion. I’m dedicated to refining my artistry and deepening my bond with clients, always striving for self-improvement in this field.

The love and drive I have for the art of tattooing empower me to create meaningful pieces that highlight the uniqueness of each client and become lifelong art. It would be an honor to have the opportunity to work with you and weave your story into my art.

Fırat Yücedağ